Double Percolator Bubbler Pipe

It is my pleasure to present to you, in my opinion, the best bubbler pipe in existence… The Double Percolator Bubbler Pipe! that’s correct not one but two fully functioning percolator chambers. Standing 7 inches tall on a slanted base this sleek cool blue beauty is both appealing and easily manageable in terms of use and storage. Perfect for personal smoking, and even better for use with friends as the Double Perc is screen filtered maintaining freshness like no other.

Imagine the smoothness and cooling refreshing sensation of a dual water filtration system hard at work, virtually one the cleanest bubblers ever. This silver fumed sensation is growing rapidly in popularity, reviewed as one of the fastest growing new favorites selected by critics and smokers alike. Featuring a single wall external slide and three glass bridges between the chamber sections allowing for maximum airflow and smoke filtration through two water pools or the option of enabling a single chamber for use. Manufactured proudly by American Glass Works this bubbler is made to the highest quality standards and produces nothing but the highest results in smoking performance, style and sophistication. Surprisingly this pipe gives a nice and balanced feel in hand, making it easier to use among the other various custom shapes and designs. The Double Perc Bubbler is perfect for first time bubbler pipe users with its smooth and easy going function, even great for smokers with a sore throat needing an extra clean experience. Any way you go the Double Percolator Bubbler Pipe is overall perfect for any smoker seeking the ultimate in any and all pipe smoking experience.