Here is a fine piece of art I’ve discovered, a classy but modern shape and styling waiting patiently to smoke up the right customer. This Gold and Silver-Fumed bubbler pipe is more than any casual smoker could ask for, and probably one of the most unique and attractive of all bubblers. The Bubbler Sherlock is easily recognizable as a spin-off of the original tobacco pipe use by Sherlock Holmes himself. Its unique vertical design with a slanted mouthpiece and judge hammer chamber base allow for a very unique and formidable function. It stands 20.3 cm or 8 inches tall which was hand blown 5mm thick by American Glass Works making it a sturdy, sound and high-quality glass product capable of performing effortlessly for all its uses. Holding its own in practicality and style the Sherlock bubbler is more than just a tribute, it also brings a refreshing quality and attitude towards the use of bubbler pipes. Being the unique design that it is the Bubbler Sherlock smokes flawlessly and smoothly flows with sophistication much like the character it’s named after.

The critics all agreed this piece would definitely have to be in even the most amateur of collectors possession. At such a value as this its now or never to obtain this unique design and enjoy the qualities it has to provide both aesthetically and while in use, its no wonder they are selling fast and you can count on them becoming a popular collector’s item among the most experienced of smokers.